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Plaza de Armas

Plaza de la Legión

Sevilla 41001

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Meet our speakers

Michael Anderle

Keynote Speaker

Joanna Penn

Beyond the Book. Making the Creator Economy work for you

Orna Ross

Beyond the Book. Making the Creator Economy work for you

Enrique Parrilla

Advanced AI strategies for authors. From plot generation to advertising

“A great opportunity to visit the most beautiful city in Europe and spend two days learning from the best. If you want to become a high-powered author this is the place to be.”

Enrique Parrilla – Editor of Publishers Weekly en Español

Michael Chatfield

Becoming a successful author while keeping your sanity

Bianca Blythe

From Idea to Income. Writing profit-driven books for the masses

Ricardo Fayet

The Strategies Behind a Successful Book Launch

Sacha Black

The anatomy of Prose

Pablo Poveda

How to write a bestselling book in 30 days

Sean McLachlan

Writing secrets of the world’s most prolific authors

Benedict Brown

Standout characters in a write-to-market world

Adam Beswick

How TikTok can fast track your author career

Dan Wood

Strategies for going wide

Dmitrios Gkirgkiris

How to use translations to increase revenue

Javier Padilla

Writing to market and creating great characters

Chema García

Como conseguir los primeros mil lectores

Stay on top of the news joining our facebook group

The Conference

20BooksTo50K© is an indie writers group started by American Science Fiction and Fantasy author, Michael Anderle.

He started writing in 2015 and wanted to prove that it was not necessary to spend years writing before being able to make a living from it.His ambition was to earn 50K a year from his books so he could retire comfortably to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

“I’ve talked in the past about how I wanted to create an income of $50k a year by having a backlist of 20 books. I came up with this number because I noticed after the first few days of selling my first book, I was averaging about $7.50 a day in income. At that number ($7.50 a day for each of the 20 books) I’d make $54k. You only need $36k to enjoy a very nice retirement in Cabo San Lucas. That was my goal.”

The City

Seville, its gardens, palaces, historical buildings and roman amphitheater have been featured in multiple books, plays, movies and TV series. From Washington Irving’s arrival in 1828 to the filming of the Game of Thrones’ finale in 2018 Seville has consistently been a place of inspiration for artists and creators.

Located in the heart of Andalucia, it has been a significant part of Spanish history since becoming part of the Roman empire, giving birth to two of its most important emperors. The Middle Ages brought an extraordinary mixture of cultures, when it served as the capital of the Moorish kingdom of Al-Andalus. After Queen Isabella funded Columbus’ expedition, the city became the exclusive hub for all commerce and trade between Europe and the New World. With its historic significance and cultural heritage, Seville is a required spot for anyone visiting Southern Europe.

The Event

Following the example set by the Vegas conference, 20BooksSevilla will be a place to discover new trends, tools, markets, and possibilities without the pressure from sponsors and the excitement of a peer-drive group.

20Books is all about the business of selling and maximizing your gains. You will have an opportunity to learn about new techniques, measuring how your results stack up against your peers, find new paths to distribute your intellectual property, and discover new genres and trends.

We will talk about AI, GPT3, Social Media, advertising, ang a long list of new tools that allow you to create plots, characters, images and new possibilities that you could have never dreamed of just a year ago.

Come and join us in the same setting where great discoveries were planned, and get inspired to take your writing to new levels.

Wednesday April 12

Pre-conference activities and visits of Seville. A poll has been posted on the Facebook page. Please let us know there if you are interested.

A speakers’ reception and light dinner has been arranged. Please contact us through the facebook page if you have not received your invitation.

The full schedule can be downloaded here.

Please see the welcome packet that was sent via email for more information about activities in Seville including Flamenco shows and walking tours of the city.